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 The scope of our projects range from the high quality of museum collection, theme cultural center, the avant-garde intelligent enterprise, interactive experience centre, high-end experience museum of science and technology, the digital multimedia experience hall, city iot pavilion and the theme of the amazing creative design space. In theme display design space, we will derive the project background of the idea of \"story\" of them. In the creation of enterprise business display design, we ca n each enterprise business philosophy, culture characteristics, and the application of product information into the inside, to build a \"soul\" brand commercial display space, professional solves the contradictory problems in exhibition space to build an effective way. In digital multimedia display space, we not only for fun or cool single concept to represent the latest technology technique, but with site, function, application, showing the best visual, interactive, etc from the overall to local, after detailed consideration to give appropriate customized digital multimedia applications.


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